Check Out How Your Auto Insurance Quote Is Determined

How Your Auto Insurance Quote Is Determined

Learn all about your auto insurance quote!

Auto insurance helps to ensure that you’re covered in the event of an accident. However, with so many types of policies and variations in coverage, it can be difficult to pick a policy. Be sure to shop around before you commit to a policy. Compare at least three policies. Look at their coverage specifics as well as the price. To check the price, be sure to request a quote. But, what factors determine your auto insurance quote? Check out this guide to interpreting your insurance quote.

  • Personal Information. Elements of your personal identity like your neighborhood or your gender can affect your auto insurance quote. The safety of your neighborhood can determine how much of a risk the environment poses to your car. If there’s a greater risk to your car, then you can expect to see higher rates. Additionally, men tend to engage in riskier behaviors which increase the likelihood of an accident. Thus, men are quoted higher rates than women.
  • Time Spent On The Road. Mileage plays a role in your auto insurance rates. If you spend more time on the road, you have a greater likelihood of eventually getting into an accident. Depending on your mileage, you may have greater insurance rates.
  • Driving Record. From speeding tickets to previous accidents, your past driving experiences play a big role in your auto insurance rates. If you’re a relatively safe driver, expect to see lower rates. However, if your record is a little less than perfect you may see an increase in your rates.

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