Find Out How to Deal With a Popped Tire While Out on the Road

How to Deal With a Popped Tire While Out on the RoadLearn how to deal with a popped tire while you’re out and about.

Driving is a dangerous business. You’re at constant risk of an accident. Should your tire pop while you’re on the road, it’s important to know exactly what to do. Read up on this guide to roadside preparedness so that you’re best able to handle a popped tire. Check out what you need to know.

Maintain Composure.

It’s easy to panic when your tire pops on the road. There’s a sudden loud noise followed by a sudden jerk of your vehicle in the direction of the busted tire. However, in order to take action and safely get off the road, you need to remain calm. Do your best to relax so that you can get to safety.

Hesitate Before You Brake.  

When you have a popped tire, braking will only make the situation worse. It can cause the car to spin out or roll, making your situation even more dangerous than it already is. Rather than braking, keep your foot on the gas pedal until your car has stabilized. Then you can gradually ease up off the gas until your car slows down.

Pull Over & Call for Help.  

When you regain control of the car, do your best to pull over as soon as possible. Turn on your hazard lights, and ensure that you’re visible and wary of oncoming traffic. Change your tire yourself, but ensure that you have another person around to spot you. If you’re by yourself, call for roadside assistance.

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