Protect Your Home From Water Damage with Flood Insurance & These Tips

Flood Insurance & Tips to Prevent Water DamageGet flood insurance to protect your home from water damage.

Water damage can be detrimental to your home. Not only can it create structural damage, but it can also lead to hazardous mold growth. Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover water damage. Instead, you need flood insurance. That way you can rest easy knowing that any water damage in your home is covered. Sometimes water damage develops over time. Learn how to check for warning signs of water damage with these tips.

Bows & Dips.

Look for any bows or dips in your roof. Water is a powerful substance that can change the shape of your roof. Have your roof and attic inspected every six months or so to look for any signs of water damage. Additionally, look for any damaged shingles and damp ceilings. The sooner you find a leak, the easier it will be to repair.

Wood Rot.

The exterior of your home is exposed to all the elements, including rain. Over time, the water can seep into the wood on your home causing water damage. Look out for any cracked or peeling paint, and any soft, pliable wood. It’s a sign that moisture has gotten into the wood, and it’s slowly rotting.

Keep an Eye on Your Water Bill.

It can be hard to detect a pipe leak without tearing up the drywall to check. However, if left unattended to, your leaky pipe could turn into something much worse. Protect your home from water damage, and watch your water bill. If all of the sudden your bill is extra high, it could be an indication of a leak. Talk to your plumber to have it fixed before it gets out of hand.

Avoid costly water damage with proper maintenance and flood insurance. Panzera Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you find the right policy! We serve all your insurance needs, so contact us for more information.