Get Your Flu Shot to Stay Healthy All Through Cold & Flu Season

Get Your Flu Shot to Stay HealthyFind out what you need to know about why you should get your flu shot!

Cold and flu season is here! A runny nose, fever, and headache can sure put a damper on the holidays. Ensure that you’re feeling good all season long, by taking preventative measures against the flu! Be proactive and start by getting your flu shot. Learn why you should get your flu shot. Here’s what you need to know.

You Touch Things All Day Long.

From door knobs to your cell phone, you are constantly touching objects throughout the day. These objects are riddled with germs, some of which may carry the flu virus. Getting your flu shot can help to prevent you from getting sick.

Getting a Flu Shot Protects Others.

The flu shot is harmless to most people. However, the vaccine isn’t advisable for people with a weakened immune system. From the elderly to pregnant women, to cancer patients, people with compromised immune systems are unable to get the flu shot. However, the shot is perfectly safe for healthy individuals, and by getting the flu shot, you’re less likely to infect others. By getting the flu shot, you don’t only prevent yourself from getting sick, but you help to protect the health of those that are unable to get their flu shot.

They’re Accessible.

When it comes to getting your flu shot, they’re extremely accessible. Whether you stop by or doctor’s office or your local drug store, you’re bound to come across the flu shot. Plus, they’re generally affordable (around $30-$40). Get your flu shot to help stay healthy.

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