Going Green for Earth Day 2014

April 22 is Earth Day, and this annual global celebration is a great opportunity to make some environmentally friendly changes in your life. Here are a few easy, fast, and free ways to transform your lifestyle and your home this Tuesday.

  • Unplug and power down.

Personal computers now come with convenient ways, such as sleep mode and lock screens, to temporarily turn off your computer and return to your work later. Resist this temptation, especially if you’re heading to bed or you’re on your way out of the house. ¬†According to “50 Ways to Help the Planet”, turning off your computer could save up to $14 per year in electricity costs.

  • Go paperless.

These days, almost every bill can be paid online. If you still receive credit card bills, loan statements and utility rundowns in your real-life mailbox, it’s definitely time to upgrade. Visit your bank’s website first; some offer automatic payment options that will consolidate all your bills in one place. While you’re at it, you can also opt out of credit card offers.

  • Use your cruise control and obey the speed limit.

Keep your vehicle at a consistent speed whenever possible. Accelerating and braking both tax the engine more than usual; that’s why stop-and-go rush hour traffic reduces your mileage by so much. Make a commitment to drive the speed limit this week, and turn on your cruise control if you’ll be driving long distances.

Environmentally friendly choices keep your home and car safer and more efficient, which can lower your insurance premiums. Contact the Panzera Insurance Agency, Inc. for a free quote today. The independent agency has spent four decades connecting Californians with the right homeowners, auto and earthquake coverage.