Fill Up Your Fuel Tank Properly With These Tips

Tips to Fill Up Your Fuel Tank ProperlyWhen it comes to your vehicle, ensure you’re using the right fuel.

Taking good care of your car is important. The better care you give your car, the more efficiently it functions. Take your vehicle in for routine maintenance, get it washed regularly, and give it the right fuel. When it comes to filling up your gas tank, you’re often faced with all sorts of options. Whether you use diesel or octane fuel, check out what you need to know about fueling up your vehicle.

All About Octane:

When you visit that gas station, you have lots of options when it comes to octane. When deciding what type of octane to use, follow the owner’s manual. The octane helps to make your engine function properly. Increasing the octane when you don’t need it, doesn’t make any noticeable difference. However, using an octane that’s lower than the recommended usage can make your engine run slowly.

Putting the Wrong Fuel in the Tank: 

With so many different dials at the pump, sometimes you can’t help but put the wrong fuel in the gas tank. However, putting the wrong type of fuel in your car is dangerous. For example, putting gasoline into a diesel engine can cause severe engine damage. Have the vehicle taken to your nearest repair shop and flushed so that the wrong type of fuel doesn’t harm your engine.

Preventative Measures:

Pay attention when you’re at the pump. Often times the pumps are designed to prevent you from accidently putting the wrong gas in the tank. From gas tank structure to color differentiations, there are many safeguards to help you choose the right type of fuel to put in your tank.

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