Is your Teen Texting and Driving? There’s an App for that!

In today’s hyper-connected world, teens are always Tweeting, Facebooking and texting. Always. It doesn’t matter if they’re in their bedroom, outside by the pool or riding in the car, their phone is in their hand and they’re either reading or typing something.

However, the place they don’t need to be doing any of this is if they’re behind the wheel. Granted, becoming a teen driver is one of the most exciting times of their lives, but in order to stay alive, preventing them from texting and driving is essential.

Fortunately, there are some great phone apps that limit or even totally disable their ability to use their phones while driving. And yes, this definitely includes texting! Here’s a list of 3 very good apps:

  • AT&T DriveMode (Free) – The upside is that this app blocks not only texts but web browsing and phone calls as well. Teen drivers need to focus as much as they can on the road so eliminating as many distractions as possible is essential. The downside? The app has to be manually activated and deactivated, which puts the decision in the teen’s hands.
  • Textecution ($30 one time) – This app kicks in if the phone is moving faster than 10mph and shuts down everything. An administrator (i.e. parent) will be notified if you ask for permission to use your phone while it is moving (if you’re a passenger for example) or if someone tries to uninstall the app.
  • DriveSafely ($4/mo. or $14/yr per user) – Instead of shutting down all phone functions, DriveSafely will read your texts to you including LOL shortcuts, etc. as it sends an auto-response. Also, you can have the text read by a voice of whichever gender the text is from.

Granted, having great auto insurance is a must and working with great insurance companies like the Panzera Insurance Agency, Inc in the Tarzana area means you’ll have coverage you can trust if something does happen. However, the best move is if nothing happens and preventing teens from texting while driving is one way to do that.