Know How A Traffic Ticket Affects Your Auto Insurance Premium

How A Traffic Ticket Affects Your Auto Insurance PremiumLearn how a ticket affects your auto insurance rates.

It’s human to err. From a speeding ticket to a parking ticket, every so often we slip, and let our perfect driving fall to the wayside. However, a traffic ticket can wind up being a bigger mistake than you think. Even a tiny infraction can increase your auto insurance premium significantly. Certain infractions are costlier than others, find out how a driving ticket can affect your insurance rates.

Minor Infractions.

Any traffic ticket will affect your auto insurance. However, some traffic tickets aren’t as bad as others. For smaller issues like forgetting to wear your seatbelt or a broken taillight, your ticket won’t significantly increase your premiums, but they will go up a bit. On average, a premium can increase by five percent for not wearing a seatbelt.

Moderate Violations.

As the offense becomes more serious, your premium increases. Tickets given for reckless driving carry a bit more weight when it comes to increasing your insurance. Things like speeding, are not taken lightly because it significantly increases your risk of getting into an accident. Depending on how fast you were going, a speeding ticket can increase your premium by almost 30 percent.

Serious Offenses.

When it comes to driving, nothing is taken more seriously than driving while under the influence. Alcohol and driving don’t mix. In fact, doing so can be deadly not only to yourself, but to innocent drivers on the road as well. A ticket for a DUI is just as serious when it comes to your auto insurance. After receiving such a ticket, expect to see a hefty increase in your premiums. On average, your policy can go up by as much as 334 percent.

Avoid traffic tickets, and drive safely. Abide by all the traffic laws, and invest in the right auto insurance. Panzera Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you find the right policy! We serve all your insurance needs, so contact us for more information.